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i need a bunch if anyone's trading
2019 bowman Base set
#3 Bryce Harper

2019 bowman chrome auto needs (31 to go )
CPA-AB Alec Bohm
CPA-BD Brock Deatherage
CPA-BH Brewer Hicklen
CPA-BS Brady Singer
CPACM Casey Mize
CPA-CMI Cal Mitchell
CPA-CSA Cristian Santana
CPA-EJ Eloy Jimenez
CPA-EM Elehuris Montero
CPA-EMO Eli Morgan
CPA-GC Gabriel Cancel
CPA-IW Isranel Wilson
CPA-JB Joey Bart
CPA-JPM Julio Pablo Martinez
CPA-JRO Julio Rodriguez
CPA-LW Logan Webb
CPA-MAM Miguel Amaya
CPA-ML Marco Luciano
CPA-MM Matt Mercer
CPA-MV Matt Vierling
CPA-NM Nick Madrigal
CPA-RB Rylan Bannon
CPA-RH Ronaldo Hernandez
CPA-RM Ronny Mauricio
CPA-SM Seuly Matias
CPA-TO Tirso Ornelas
CPA-TR Tommy Romero
CPA-VGJ Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
CPA-VMJ Victor Mesa Jr.
CPA-VVM Victor Victor Mesa
CPA-WF Wander Franco

Bowman Scouts Top 100
BTP-15 Kyle Tucker $2.00

2019 bowman Camo (1 to go )
Offer sent.
I have a couple
I just pulled a Derian Cruz auto a couple days ago, but havent put it into Org yet. Let me know if you're interested in it.
Would you be interested in this card?

2019 Bowman Chrome Prospect Autographs Green Refractors #CPAMG Mateo Gil
I am going to do the Camo set, as I opened a bunch of the hanger packs and also just bought a lot of 50 of the packs. The packs should arrive later this week. Once I see what extras I have and which cards I need for my set I will see if we can work out a trade.
Added insert, camo, color and prospects
(06-17-2019 03:58 PM)blais2 Wrote: [ -> ]new autos added to org today
I have A. Bechtold, M. Martin and R. you need any of these?
(06-18-2019 11:58 AM)blais2 Wrote: [ -> ]yes but i dont see them in your ORG
I was not going to list them for trade unless someone wanted all 3...offer sent.
Sent you an offer I have 6 of your needs. Let me know.
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