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All prices include shipping. Also included 2017 Topps National Baseball Card Day Red Sox complete 11 card set Betts, Benintendi, Bogaerts, Ortiz, Pedroia (scan at end of post)

2004 Leaf Limited Legends Material Position #20 Ted Williams Jsy 33/50 $40



2003 Sweet Spot Classics Game Jersey #TW Ted Williams SP $35

[Image: 2003-Sweet-Spot-Classics-Game-Jersey-TW-...ams-SP.jpg]

[Image: 2003-Sweet-Spot-Classics-Game-Jersey-TW-...s-SP-2.jpg]

2002 Fleer Triple Crown Home Run Kings Game Used #4 Jimmie Foxx $23

[Image: 2002-Fleer-Triple-Crown-Home-Run-Kings-G...e-Foxx.jpg]

[Image: 2002-Fleer-Triple-Crown-Home-Run-Kings-G...e-Foxx.jpg]

2003 SP Authentic Splendid Swatches Pairs #MM Ted Williams Mark Mcgwire 364/406 $25 (small nick on reverse top)

[Image: 2003-SP-Authentic-Splendid-Swatches-Pair...s-Mark.jpg]

[Image: 2003-SP-Authentic-Splendid-Swatches-Pair...s-Mark.jpg]

2006 Fleer Smoke 'n Heat #SH3 Curt Schilling Magenta Plate 1/1 $25

[Image: 2006-Fleer-Smoke-n-Heat-SH3-Curt-Schilling.jpg]

[Image: 2006-Fleer-Smoke-n-Heat-SH3-Curt-Schilling-bk.jpg]

2003 Topps Tribute Perennial All-Star Relics Willie Mays & hank Aaron Bat cards Both $45

[Image: 2003-Topps-Tribute-Perennial-All-Star-Re...ys-Bat.jpg]

[Image: 2003-Topps-Tribute-Perennial-All-Star-Re...on-Bat.jpg]

2003 SPx Winning Materials 50 #TW2A Ted Williams Pants Logo (some wear) $35

[Image: 2003-SPx-Winning-Materials-50-TW2-A-Ted-...ogo-bk.jpg]
[Image: 2003-SPx-Winning-Materials-50-TW2-A-Ted-...s-Logo.jpg]

2002 Greats of the Game Through the Years Level 1 #28 Ted Williams $40

[Image: 2002-Greats-of-the-Game-Through-the-Year...Willia.jpg]
[Image: 2002-Greats-of-the-Game-Through-the-Year...Willia.jpg]

2005 Prime Patches Materials Bat #83 Ted Williams (No serial - from Estate) $40

[Image: 2005-Prime-Patches-Materials-Bat-83-Ted-Williams150.jpg]
[Image: 2005_Prime_Patches_Materials_Bat__83_Ted...50_(2).jpg]

2004 Upper Deck Vintage Stellar Stat Men Jerseys #33 Ted Williams (No Serial number - from Estate) $40
[Image: 2004-Upper-Deck-Vintage-Stellar-Stat-Men...illiam.jpg]
[Image: 2004-Upper-Deck-Vintage-Stellar-Stat-Men...illiam.jpg]

Nomar Garciapara 5 card lot $25 shipped:
2002 Fleer Box Score Amazing Greats Single Swatch #5 (SGC 84)
2002 Topps Pristine Popular Demand #NG Jsy
2003 Finest Bat Relics #NG (Beckett 8.5 Raw)
2003 Topps 205 Relics #NG Jsy G1
2015 Topps Update First Home Run Medallions #FHRM20

[Image: MG-20190308-0001.jpg]
[Image: MG-20190308-0002.jpg]

Old school Dick Radatz lot $24 shipped:

[Image: radatz_fr.jpg]
[Image: radatz_bk.jpg]

Eddie Mathews GU Tribute Lot 3 cards all 3 $30
[Image: braves-ft.jpg]
[Image: braves-bk.jpg]
2002 & 2003 Ed Mathews Heritage GUs and 2003 Fleer FC GU all 3 $26
[Image: mathews_heritage_fr.jpg]
[Image: mathers_heritage_bk.jpg]
1964-1966 Topps Boston Patriots lot Cappalletti Buoniconti TC $25
[Image: Scan20181219190439.jpg]
[Image: Scan20181219190756.jpg]

Red Sox OPC Canada lot 1968-1970 6 cards $23

Red Sox Venezuelan Lot 1964 (rare) $23
[URL=""][Image: vzn_fr.jpg][/URL]
[URL=""][Image: vzn_bk.jpg][/URL]
Topps Tribute 2003 Giants Cepeda & Marichal 130/275 $23
[URL=""][Image: giants_fr.jpg][/URL]
[URL=""][Image: giants_bk.jpg][/URL]
Bruce Sutter Cubs lot FF & TTT 11/18 $25
[URL=""][Image: scan0318_3.jpg][/URL]
[URL=""][Image: scan0337.jpg][/URL]
Indians GU 5 card lot Bob Feller Satchell Paige Martinez Sizemore Burks $25
[Image: indians-fr.jpg]
[Image: indians-bk.jpg]
Lou Boudreau auto lot postcard (PSA) & 1955 Bowman (Cleansweep) $24
[URL=""][Image: scan0538.jpg][/URL]
[URL=""][Image: scan0539.jpg][/URL]

Free with any order!
[Image: scan0022-4.jpg]
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