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Price Reduced

If anyone is interested I am putting two medium flat rate box (USPS) mostly base, common, and with some semi-stars and regular star cards..I would like to get these out for $26.00 shipped each or $50 for both (it will be shipped priority usps) thus not looking to make money out of this, just trying to downsize my collection. Also, let me know who you PC and I'll try to add a couple of cards of that person.

Box #1 contains:
1987 Donruss
1990 Topps
1993 Topps
2012 Topps
2014 Allen Ginter
2018 Bowman paper (majority Bowman Prospect Cards) (300 + cards)

Box #2 contains

2014 Topps Update (no Betts, deGrom, Springer, Abreu etc..or other major RCs in this box) I have 4 complete sets with all the RCs if interested for sell also** 4 SETS HAVE BEEN SOLD,*** May put together 2 more later if interested..
2018 Bowman Paper (majority of veterans and with Bowman prospects)
2012 Topps Mostly series 2
2012 Extra Elite Edition
1987 Donruss
2013 Topps
2011 Ginter

Roughly between 1800 and 2000 cards in each flat rate box

These are from some monster boxes that I have not entered in my organizer and picked out PC cards, there will be some duplicates.

If interested let me know which box you would like.

Thanks in advance.

[Image: 7zvFV.png]
Bump...price reduced...
Happy Thanksgiving!!
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