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Is the kinsler for trade?
(11-10-2018 05:04 PM)leadmetogreatness Wrote: [ -> ]Is the kinsler for trade?

The Soto is a great looking card.
How much did you buy? I'm glad somebody is hitting in this. I picked up one mega box from Target the other day and got all base cards. And no Ohtani, Acuana, Soto, Torres, Buehler, Albias, Hoskins or Devers. They make up half the set and I got none of them. Granted I only bought one box but it holds the record as the worst box I've ever opened.
How many blasters did you have to buy to get 2 autos?
I busted 8 total have more not pictured to include another auto and moreSoto, gleyber acuna and ohtani,
Have 7 more under the tree
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