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Looking to sell. May be interested in trading for a comprable Kershaw.
Reggie Jackson Purple Auto: 01/10 -
[Image: 24933869737_3838e814cc_z.jpg]

Cal Ripken Jr : 13/25 - GONE
[Image: 38905157685_e6c788de72_z.jpg]

Buster Posey: 07/15
[Image: 24933873277_ab02aaa4f3_z.jpg]

Mike Trout 40/87
[Image: 40032658672_1c2da89f02_c.jpg]

Aaron Judge 74/87 - GONE
[Image: 39883988324_5ecb507a70_c.jpg]

Aaron Judge 77/87 - GONE
[Image: 26857729148_16d19b4312_c.jpg]
Pretty cards............
How much for posey?
(01-21-2018 01:51 AM)elberson Wrote: [ -> ]Pretty cards............
I added a Trout.
I am trying to edit the Trout Picture for size
I added a Judge
Sold a Judge
Added a Judge
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