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Still got a lot of '15 Tribute for trade, if anybody likes anything they see just send me an open offer and I promise to respond as quickly as possible. Any card that has no stated book value, just ask me what I'm looking for in trade on it and hopefully we'll work something out. Thanks - Q

[Image: 620b9515.jpeg]
[Image: 9wkho198.jpeg]
[Image: syo0mo4u.jpeg]
[Image: 16uuc342.jpeg]
[Image: 2d4x92a3.jpeg]
[Image: v22noc44.jpeg]
[Image: bri20r89.jpeg]
[Image: xdto7g0d.jpeg]
[Image: 2hy76s3j.jpeg]
[Image: mmgnzs1q.jpeg]
[Image: bda3r69h.jpeg]
[Image: 1705575s.jpeg]
[Image: y5804o59.jpeg]
check me out for the paul o'neill
Check me for the Sonny Gray
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