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15 years at my employer, crazy. And what do they do to honor such dedication? $10 a year.......on a $150 Discover card. I mean I could've picked an item from a website but I'm good on the food processors and coffee makers. So, I parlayed my gift card into some fun....

Box 1

Barkov Stick Wizards
Ehlers Shift Change
Galchenyuk Shift Change
SPx Rookies Max McCormick
SPx Rookies Brian Ferlin
SPx Rookies Chandler Stephenson
Brock McGinn '05-06 Retro Jersey
Kevin Fiala '05-06 Retro Jersey
Dylan Larkin '05-06 Retro Jersey
Hunter Shinkaruk '05-06 Retro Jersey AU /399

Well, not the start I was hoping for.

Box 2

Malkin Stick Wizards
Mackinnon Shift Change
Sam Bennett Shift Change
Bobby Clarke Name on the Front
SPx Rookies Nick Shore
SPx Rookies Logan Shaw
SPx Rookies Byron Froese
Emile Poirier '05-06 Retro Jersey
Nikolay Goldobin '05-06 Retro Jersey AU /399

and this little guy.../399

[Image: 37085777010_4fa1c46242_z.jpg]

Not the best break, not the worst break. Essentially it was free so I can't complain.
Sweet Big boy

atleast you got something for 15 years
beats a kick in the slats with a frozen boot.
I would say pretty good for free! Congrats!

Am I the only one that is thinking........"On a Discovery card"? Lol, they still make that cc? Congrats on 15 years anyhow.
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