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Full Version: Recent Jackson grabs!
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The last time a card like this was up for auction was in 2007...and 2 have popped since. I grabbed both lol!

2004 Steven Jackson Fleer Sweet Sigs Black #d 18/39

[Image: 93g74182.jpg][Image: 85fk65w6.jpg]

2004 Steven Jackson Fleer Platinum Pro Jersey Autographs #d 16/22

[Image: za2oq8z7.jpg][Image: g2792kry.jpg]

2007 Steven Jackson Donruss Elite Magenta Plate Auto #d 1/1

[Image: d2j4538n.jpg][Image: 51th4pd0.jpg]

Be on the lookout for a nice mailday hopefully soon! Waiting on forwarded mail...ugh...
Nice plate!
On the back of the Fleer Sweet Sigs, underneath the serial number, what is that written in cursive? Looks kind of like "Future Sig-eess" but that doesn't make much sense. Otherwise great adds to your collection!
I think it says "Future Sig-cess "

Thanks guys!
Still waiting for the stupid mail to be forwarded...

2004 Steven Jackson Fleer Sweet Sigs Black Border #d 15/39

[Image: uv9u806j.jpg][Image: 240r4irj.jpg]

Hope more to come!
today's mail included 2/3 missing packages.

2008 Steven Jackson Stadium Club Press Proof #d 03/50

[Image: 6j2i550c.jpg][Image: 0pg05cc1.jpg]

2004 Steven Jackson Press Pass Bronze SSP Auto

[Image: 509m03p9.jpg]

and the biggie!

2009 Adrian Peterson/LaDainian Tomlinson/Steven Jackson Topps Unique Triple Autograph #d 06/10

[Image: jg71n2p0.jpg]

Thanks Fellas!
That triple auto is sick!
Thank you sir!

Probably overpaid, but had to have it!@

2004 Steven Jackson Topps Draft Picks & Prospects Auto

[Image: bc2m6295.jpg]

Thanks fellas!

2008 Steven Jackson Topps Letterman Superfractor Auto #d 1/1!

[Image: 4zc3x764.jpg][Image: x7078319.jpg]

I know the auto is bad, but what would you guys do? I'm thinking of wiping it and going to a signing...
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