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The usual mix of cards. Here are the hits.

1st pack

[Image: Sprong%2015-16%20Contours%20CC_zpskxvghac4.jpg]

2nd pack

[Image: Wennberg%2015-16%20Contours%20YM%20au_zpsisppspcy.jpg]

3rd pack

[Image: Goldobin%2015-16%20Contours%20RJF_zps9nn0m4n1.jpg]

Borrowing from the last Contours break "not feeling lucky about this box"

last pack

[Image: McDavid%2015-16%20Contours%20ARJ_zpslblibodw.jpg]

Pretty damn lucky!!!
Better than anything I pulled in ALL the boxes I opened!!!
WOW. That's amazing!!!
Great stuff! Congratulations on that last pull!
Great McDavid, Congrats (Jealous Smile )
good lord
Nice McDavid
Holy smokes, Greg! Very nice!

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