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When opening 15-16 UD Contours, You've got to ask yourself a question: 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do ya, Punk?

Well, Yes and No.

Lucky to get a nice patch auto numbered to 25.

Unlucky that it's this:

[Image: Contours%20Punk001_zpsgtmgrh0x.jpg]

And to make it worse, the next pack had this:

[Image: Contours%20Punk002_zps0yunaymm.jpg]

And I thought it was meant to be a hockey product.

I did get a few nice Pens cards for the PC.

That made my day.

(Apologies to Harry Callaghan for pinching a couple of lines!)
CM Punk has a huge following, I think if you shopped those cards, you'd be pretty pleasantly surprised how much they go for...

Personally, in comparison to some of my breaks of that stuff, I'd be really happy to pull that patch/auto...
I'd love to trade for either one. Please PM me and we'll go from there.

Thank you!

Personally buying a box of hockey cards i'd prefer the main hit to be a hockey player past or present. Sounds like you'll be able to move it though so not a complete loss (If it's not giant haystacks or big daddy i'm not interested!).
Interested in both Punks if you can't work out a deal with rjcj2017.
Not bad wrestling is okay .................
Well Mark it seems you have a few interested people.
I think that you did very well! Congrats!

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