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I have many wants listed and I am trying to complete some sets as well as get some wants traded for. The larger the trade the better the deal I will make.
Made a few trades looking for more as always.

Tribute base 2002-current
star rookie cards (graded is ok)
2013 tribute four baggers /99
1955 bowman (graded 6 or better)
Nolan Ryan
Lastings Milledge (all I can get)
Lets make some trades! I want to trade for some of my wants and needs. I will trade in your favor for what I need. The more you have the better the deal will be.


Factory sealed box set or hand collated sets (Topps only for now)
Nolan Ryan cards
Lastings Milledge cards (all I can get)
55 bowman (graded 6 or better preferred)
2013 Tribute Four Baggers /99
Topps Tribute 2002-current
star rookie cards (graded is preferred)
Open offer sent.
You can check me and see if I have anything you want.
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