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Looking to finish off this subset. If you have any of my needs listed below and would like to trade please send me an offer. Thanks! Mike

C.C. Sabathia
Dave Winfield
Giancarlo Stanton
Johnny Bench
Joe Morgan
Lou Brock
Ozzie Smith
Reggie Jackson
Ted Williams
Willie McCovey
Yu Darvish
(07-20-2017 05:16 PM)blais2 Wrote: [ -> ]i have about 145 listed check and see if i have any you need

Took a look and didn't see any I need. Thanks tho!
Still looking for these....
i have 3 that you need sent you a trade offer
(08-25-2017 07:34 AM)djbrown2 Wrote: [ -> ]i have 3 that you need sent you a trade offer

Responded with message in comments. Thanks!
Picked up a few. List is updated. Still need some help. Thanks!
Bumping this one last time
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