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i got in a football break and got a 1/1 dak prescott. the breaker traded me a case of 2016 bowman chrome hobby box for the card. he knew i didnt collect fball. now i am wondering if i should crack the case, hold onto the case and wait for the stars to rise or flip it now for $$. i collect mostly for my daughter so we are not in it for the $. any advice??
how much are you looking to get for it?
If you want to cash out fast I'd just sell the case. A lot of extra work to bust and then sell.
How old is your daughter? Can she bust the case with you? Might be a lot of fun to rip it with her. Keep the stuff you collect and flip the rest. It is a lot of work though if you are going to flip. Who knows though there might be another treasure inside that case right now? If You break it give us a report on what you hit. Good luck whatever way you choose to go.
Thanks guys! Daughter is 10yrs. It is kinda hard just looking at it every day. We will probably just bust it open. maybe record while we open and share. i see them listed from $900 to $1,100 sales on ebay. what is the difference between Hobby and Vending? we cut the tape on the box just to see what was inside, which in hind-sight might have hurt the value? we didnt touch the boxes inside the case.

The other thing is we are big STL fans and it doesnt look like there is a lot of Cardinals to chase other than Alex Reyes. we can always trade and have some fun with it!
Hobby looks like Finest box configuration. Vending looks like a brick and has 3 autos i believe.
(04-03-2017 05:55 PM)stldug01 Wrote: [ -> ]... we are big STL fans ...

I have a 2015 Topps Dynasty Autograph Patches Emerald Matt Carpenter /5 (#APMC4) I would love to trade for some of your vintage, let me know if you are interested.
If you open them, I have a bunch of Cardinals stuff I could move if there's anything good.
we are going to open this weekend and record video. i think it will be fun for us and we will move any of the cards she doesnt pc. thanks for all the advice. seems like good forum for trades. i do have more vintage than listed. these are just the ones i pulled from attic to get her started. i am not very motivated to pull down my late 60/70. just going to let those ride for daughter to find. sorry.

i would be interested in buying current STL player inserts. not chasing high dollar or investment purchases. she has a lot of autos of current players she doesnt collect for trade. more than listed on beckett.
(04-05-2017 01:29 PM)stldug01 Wrote: [ -> ]... i do have more vintage than listed. these are just the ones i pulled from attic to get her started. ...

So awesome!
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