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Full Version: 2013 boxes
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Why have the hobby boxes of 2013 doubled in price?. They were a cheap break a few months ago but now you could just as well pick up 15 as thier the equivalent in price. So why has 13 went nuts?
What products are you looking at? I got a 2013 Elite a few weeks ago (still same price) at $29.95 (paid $86.95 for my first box in 2013). Got a 2013 Absolute for $49.95 that actually went up from $41.95 a month earlier.
Well rookies and stars longevity went from 20 to 36. Totally Certified went from 30 to 45. Prizm went from around 20 to around 30. I seen elite stayed the same but the rest of the mid end really jumped
I would bet that will as low as they were, people were far more willing to buy into them. With the higher demand, prices have come up some to try and recover potential losses from where the boxes were at in 2013.
Most likely because people were buying them up, the resellers have slowly raised their prices. This is a cycle that happens from time to time with products. That being said I think buying 2015 products are a great buy right now when you consider the rookies in that class. The 2013 class has a couple of good rookies, but overall the big names were a bust from 2013.
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