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I have a ton of his stuff Rc's/Autos/GU. I clearly invested in the wrong guy lol. Haven't been on here or collected cards for a long time. Trying to figure out how to get it all listed again.This is just what I have listed in photo bucket, I know I have more - Unfortunately. ha

[Image: HughesN.jpg][Image: Hughes7.jpg]
[Image: Hughes8.jpg]
[Image: Hughes-4.jpg]
[Image: Hughes-3.jpg]
[Image: Hughes-1.jpg]
[Image: Hughes-5.jpg]
[Image: Hughes-2.jpg]

[Image: Hughes4.jpg]
[Image: Hughes4-2.jpg]
[Image: hughes-1.jpg]
[Image: Hughes4-1.jpg]
[Image: Hughes5.jpg]
[Image: Hughes-3.jpg]
[Image: Hughes.jpg]
[Image: Hughes3.jpg]
[Image: Hughes1.jpg]
[Image: Hughes2.jpg]
[Image: Hughes-2.jpg]

[Image: HughesRC.jpg]
[Image: Hughes2.jpg]
You didnt invest in the wrong guy ... the Yankees divested the wrong guy. Smile
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