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1994 Donruss Baseball Complete set series 1 . Ryan Salute, PIazza, Griffey, Yount, Ripken, etc....#1-330. Note the Ryan Salute has one edge that has a very small, but noticeable smudge. It does not show up in the picture below, and if you encase the card you won't see it. It's only seen from the side.

1994 Donrus Baseball Series 2 complete set. McGwire, Bonds, Clemens, more....(331-659)

**I have seen on ebay the full series 1 or series 2 sell anywhere from $6-15.

1994 Pinnacle Series 1 Baseball complete. I have 2 full sets! Thomas, Gwynn, Maddux, etc...#s 1-270

*These have sold on ebay for $6-$10

1990 Topps Baseball Complete Set 1-792! Griffey and Frank Thomas rookies in this box, Sosa too.

*There is one on ebay right now bidding at $8.50

The cards have all been stored in the pictured boxes since purchase in the mid 90s.

Would sell all for $35, or individually for $9 each set, plus ship.

I would also trade all for the cards total value in the $50 range. Since I will be paying more for shipping, I will ask for a bit higher value in return.

Individual set trades- make offer.

Cards I am interested in would be of the following, and I would prefer 1 or 2 cards that equal that value vs. multiples. Trying to size down my collection.

John Elway
Tim Duncan
Harry Kane-soccer
Gareth Bale-Soccer
Kawhi Leonard
Tony Parker
Terrell Davis
Connor McDavid
Austin Mathews

May consider other Broncos, Spurs, former U of Arizona Players (Elliott, Kerr).

And quite frankly, while I prefer the above, if you have a soccer, football, or hoops card of equivalent value I would consider it.
Edit to above comments- I don't need a single higher value card. I don't want a ton of dirt cheap cards, but would accept a group of $5+ cards of the players listed.
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