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I have used the Match Maker for the past month and I have created about 15 trades in that time. How many of you have used the match maker to make trades?

As of today 3 completed will ship out tomorrow and 4 more pending with responses
I've glanced at it a couple times, and can't get it figured out.
Admit that I haven't really TRIED to all that much.

Really miss the old organize match thing on the old site, that thing worked really well. Of course there were 1000 traders on here then too.
I can't figure it out either..
Maybe this will help you to find some potential traders and once my daughter gets home from school she can provide a you tube tutorial for everyone
Click on Maket place
Pricing/Checklists MarketPlace Coins - Pricing/Checklists Coins-Marketplace
Another screen comes up with 3 choices
1. Find my wants in organizer
2. Find cards I want to trade for
3. Find cards I want to trade away

I use the #3 option and click on the circle
Type in the set lets say 2008 upper deck

This will take you to another screen that shows all the cards you want to trade away ( will only hold 1,000 cards in the shoe box)
click the little square that checks all

then click the box that has Veiw my shoebox

Then click the box that says match now

another box comes up and it directs you to the market Place. click in the box next to it that says "TRADE"
this will give you a list in numerical order and who is wanting the card

next step is to click the trade button and then the another window on your computer opens up in the trade function. The first thing I look at is the last time he/she has logged in. If it was within the past month I will see what he/she has for trade then go back to the main screen click on my side and see how many cards they are wanting from me then go back to pick out what I want and send an open trade offer and let them know how I found them.

Like I said before Once my daughter who is the computer guru in the house gets home I will have her put a tutorial out and I will put it in each of the sports trade function and get with Floydtown or another MOD to put it as a sticky for a while.

I have made several trades using it even with people that do not post or do not post much at all and I have not been scammed yet. I been doing this since November I have 14 trade offers I sent Sunday and 5 have replied. That is 5 more that I would have had if I sat around waiting on trade offers that come to me.
I have used it. It works fairly well, but still could use some tweaking. Any tool that helps drum up trades, is good in my book!

it shows almost always all inactive traders, beckett should clean that up
(02-21-2017 06:10 PM)elberson Wrote: [ -> ]it shows almost always all inactive traders, beckett should clean that up

(02-21-2017 06:10 PM)elberson Wrote: [ -> ]it shows almost always all inactive traders, beckett should clean that up

Correct they do need some cleaning up to do but at least it works

My daughter had alot of homework tonight so she will put the video together tomorrow after school
Starting to get the hang of it now, thanks for that step by step up there.
I fixed your link and made your video thread a sticky. If you look up, it is listed up top in the important threads.

Thanks again.

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