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Hey ladies and gentlemen ... king and queens lol I'm looking for some Carson Wentz cards if anyone happen to have an extra cards they don't need. I don't have a auto of his yet and as a eagle fan would love one even though his card value is falling. I need it for my pic. My cards for trade are up todate as of yesterday. Let me know what we can work out. Thanks in advance
His cards are falling??! Are you sure??! So, they were once over $300 on COMC and eBay??!

If you look on COMC or eBay, you won't find hardly any of his autographs under $100 and most are over $200. So, if they are falling in price, it is only fair! Big Grin
I looked at a couple of his cards that drop a little according to Beckett. Also someone posted about the same thing a few days ago. Besides we all know with eBay people easy overprice everything if they can get away with it lol
Ha! I knew what you meant...I was just trying to throw in my two cents about how Beckett pricing at times is ridiculous, as I have seen prices fall in the same week that a brand new product comes out. Makes no sense.

As far as Wentz value, yes, there is overpricing at times on the open market, but I do not expect to see much drop on a recent rookie that started all 16 games in the NFL. I think Beckett jumps too quick after seeing a couple low-ball offers.
Lol thanks for the 2cents glad someone is reading. But I don't see his value dropping anymore unless something goes wrong with him. I only one damn card lol might be that way for a while. What are you collecting
I just started collecting football last August (Vikings, mostly) but I am doing the entire base set of 2016 Panini and 2016 Rookies and Stars. Wentz is in both of those. Also, I did a box break of 2016 Contenders in which I bought the Eagles to try and get a Wentz auto for my wife (she is from ND) but I got 3 Smallwood autos instead (traded all away).

I was a fan of the team back in the 80's with Montgomery, Carmichael and Jaworski. Fun team to watch back then, but they are still my favorite to win the East each year (you have to pick a team, right?)
That's cool Vikings. I really thought they were going to be the team to beat this year. I think teddy bridgewaters is done for a long time. Eagles were tough back then but still no super bowl ( tears tears tears ) but I don't think you have to pick a team. There is nothing wrong with just enjoying a good game of football. The only Viking card I own is a patched Sidney rice card. I started collecting cards in 2013 but quick backed out of it. Now I been back at it. I try to post a lot here but people are really mute anymore.
(02-16-2017 06:29 PM)eagleboy85 Wrote: [ -> ]I try to post a lot here but people are really mute anymore.
Right! If a person could text or tweet to this site you would probably see a lot more chatter. I joke with my wife that the way to stop a thread is for me to post to it! LOL.

Seriously, just take a look at how many baseball threads have me as the last entry!!

I am not sure the reason for the huge slowdown of activity on this site, but I do know that many "veterans" have moved on to other trading sites to avoid the monthly fee. Whether that makes the forums quiet, I don't know.
True I haven't found any other sites yet I guess I wasn't looking hard enough yet. Don't get me wrong this site is cool and I wasn't to thrilled about paying for a subscription but I'm here for now. I'm trying to stay fully involved in this hobby. Expensive but I enjoy breaking in boxes lol
are you looking for any eagleas? sorry I am a bad speller
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