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Hey guys the title says it all, I've acquired a good amount Patch cards, but always looking for more. Have some coming in the mail so will post when I receive them. Looking for Julio Urias and Stephen Gonsalves cards in the meantime... Shoot me an offer if you have any, below are some cards for trade
[Image: Scan00015_zpsqgnryspb.jpg]
[Image: Scan00016_zpsvxeij2rt.jpg]
[Image: Scan00017_zpshwcad9ro.jpg]
I've just got back into Beckett,my org. Isn't updated bet I have a sweet S. Go salves green auto I would like to trade.I'm looking for Bregman,treat turner,victor Robles,or Glyber Torres cards PREFERABLELY autos even if base.Iwould also like Elroy Jimenez and nick sensible.let me know if me
Any interest in the 2015 bowman chrome green auto Stephen Gonsalves for the leaf Alex Bregman in your photobucket,I am not sure how the values match up but I'm sure we can work it out .pm me.thank you
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