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Hey all! I'm back on here and am looking for Baseball RCs. I have some of my wants listed. Take a look and see if we can make a trade!!
Open offer sent
Sent you a counter..

(01-22-2017 11:04 PM)wibs13 Wrote: [ -> ]Open offer sent
back at ya!
Done deal! Give me a couple of days to send the card out..

quote='wibs13' pid='2651692' dateline='1485145740']
back at ya!
It will ship tomorrow.

(01-22-2017 11:29 PM)wibs13 Wrote: [ -> ]back at ya!
Bumping up my post..looking for RCs of my fave players.

PC: Nolan Ryan
Derek Jeter
Bo Jackson
Michael Jordan (Baseball)
i have some jeters are you willing to buy? not sure if i got any marked currently. anything not listed in your org?
Prefer to trade. I have some already but I may consider if I can't find any to trade for.
Bumping it up
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