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Full Version: 2016 stadium club
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Unless I am going about this the wrong way, when I view your profile and see items for trade, the most recent BB cards are from 2011. When I look in your Org, there are only 3 cards total... Maybe in your org the collection with these wants are listed as "private" rather than "public?" Another thing, the only 2016 Stad Club listed in my org are card roughly $1 and above, I do not have any commons loaded into my org. If I knew exactly what you wanted, I will pull it from my storage and list to enable a trade. My apologies if I am missing something obvious as I am relatively new to this MB and the trading functionality.
I updated my original post with what I currently need. Thanks
Still looking to fill this set
From your updated original post 3 days ago, I have all but:

5 11 18 23 65 83 85 113 120 125 127 142 148 152 160 172 176 196 199 222 225 234 236 278 281 288 293 294 298

I will set up a trade.
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