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I have recently decided to pay for the price guide again and have begun to get the organize back in to shape. I would like to get some trades done this weekend if anybody is interested. These are just a few things I grabbed to scan, there is a bunch more in the organize. Send any offers and I will look at them over the weekend. All cards are in brand new top loaders and bags, let me know if you need any individual scans.
[Image: new-trade-1_31599574950_o.jpg] [Image: trade-2_31972986445_o.jpg] [Image: trade-3_31163862833_o.jpg] [Image: trade4_31599534060_o.jpg] [Image: trade5_31133066314_o.jpg] [Image: trade-6_31163839473_o.jpg] [Image: trade-7_31825042742_o.jpg] [Image: trade8_31936010496_o.jpg] [Image: trade9_31936056486_o.jpg] [Image: trade10_31973006975_o.jpg] [Image: trade11_31973007645_o.jpg]
Open offer sent, you got some nice cards there
I sent you an open offer. Let me know if you like anything and we'll work out a deal.
open offer sent with comments. thank you
Got a bunch of offers so far, will be working on them over the weekend. Thank you to all.
Sent an offer
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