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Anyone have any versions of Aledmys' RC refractor and auto-ed? I don't have my cards posted in my organizer, but will before any deal is even talked about.
Just realized he doesn't have an Auto. Will that be released in 2017 like Carlos Correa was in 2015?
I think he had autos in Five Star and Heritage, but nothing in Chrome. As he's had RCs now, I doubt he'll get a Chrome RC auto.
Pretty sure that the only rookie auto he can get now would be Topps chrome next season.

If you're a Cardinals fan, I have a ton to offer.
I would definitely be interested in hearing what you have zanderlex. I'd like to work towards being a supercollector on a couple of guys. Diaz being one of them. I have 6 of more my expensive guys in for grading right now.
All I have left of Diaz is his base, Update, Update chrome, Snowflake, etc.

I have a ton of old, new, and upcoming cardinals autos, GU's, numbered, and base. Many listed here and hundreds not.

Who do you plan on collecting?
I definitely want to collect Diaz. How many do you have of Waino? I think if I'm going to "super-collect" a couple of guys that it's probably best I only focus on a couple for now. Piscotty would probably be of interest to me too.
For wain I have a relic and some base. For piscotty I have Base and I might get a relic soon. Just moved an auto and /50 of his yesterday lol.
Ah bummer lol. Is a lot of your stuff posted under the organizer? If so, I will take a look.
Most of the better ones are added.
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