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Full Version: Garage Sale Find
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Still in disbelief after sorting and cataloging them. Only paid a little for the lot and I estimate they are worth much more? ~64 cards in total.
Picture-1, Picture-2

Sorry, not meant to be a humblebrag, just stoked for an early xmas gift to myself. A lot of dups for me so, trades welcome, vintage for vintage.
Thats awesome! Now you have to tell much did you pay?
Well, I had that originally in the post then edited because I thought maybe that was bad etiquette, i.e. bragging. Which I am not, just stoked on an amazing steal so, screw it, only cost me 200. So what do you think, a steal of a deal or just about right?
Just curious what state was the garage sale in?
So. Calif.
you did fantastic with your find........congrats
Wow a lot of those look to be in great shape too. Congrats!
Thanks! They were in pretty darn good shape. The Mantle was hammered but, it's one more Mantle than I had the day before! haha
That is definitely a great haul for the money, in my opinion. Congrats, man!
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