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Full Version: Corey Seager, Part 2?
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Hello again, Baseball Community!

I did not expect to be back with some more traders so soon, but here I am. Haha! It seems that Topps was not satisfied with the poor customer service that I experienced, or they just messed up (I consider the latter option to be accurate, but would love to think of it as the former) and sent me a second Corey Seager Auto from 2012 Bowman Sterling! Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

I have the first one ready to go to Randy "The Bigger Than The Other Unit" Johnson (rjcj2017), so that one is not available... but the second one is. Along with the Seager, they sent me another freebie in a 2014 Topps Sterling-Eric Fedde Auto. COOL! He may be a common, but it was free. Haha!

Now there is the matter of the moral dilemma, and I do ask myself if I should just return the card to Topps. I do want to get this other Seager to a member that would PC and wholly appreciate it, but it is Topps' mistake, and I can correct it. Opinions valued on that issue.

Anyways... the scans are below, and I stacked the two Seager cards a bit in the scan to show that I am not pulling legs. Best wishes, Beckett Community!


[Image: CCI_3_zpsd5oxyynh.jpg]
[Image: CCI_5_zps8oa6tnw1.jpg]
I would absolutely not return the card to Topps! For all the times that they screwed over collectors with expired redemptions or giving replacements that are not of equivalent value, its about time they got the short end. I say enjoy the card karma (kardma), but maybe pay it forward to another collector somewhere down the line.
I'd keep it to make up for all of the Topps boxes with missing guaranteed hits, expired redemptions and jerseys I've pulled of guys like Robinzon Diaz and Angel Berroa... I sent Topps dinged $25 Trout and $30 Kris Bryant 2016 parallels for replacement a few months back and they sent me back 14 replacement cards of role-players from the same set as "fair replacements" for 2 cards. Fourteen commons in exchange for this year's MVP's.

On the other hand it is extremely likely Topps screwed up. Even if you feel the need to do the right thing so to speak and call Topps, I can pretty much guarantee they tell you to keep it.
I would keep it and then trade it to me!!
Keep it, Randi. If you're worried about "kardma," then call them, but I agree with the previous post ... I can almost promise you they will tell you to keep it.

Sent you a PM about our trade, thanks!

KEEP IT Randi. they also screwed up on 1 of my redemption and i never called them and kept both , they were bowman chrome gold of pat hentgan . i gave the other to my buddy who is a jays fan .
Well... I have decided to keep the cards, so they are available for Matt Harvey, David Wright, and/or Noah Syndergaard. Don't be afraid to send offers, but know that I will be picky. Best wishes!

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