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Hey guys been awhile since I've been on but I am just wondering if anyone has any Matt Holliday up for trade or sale either way. If you want to trade let me know who you collect and I'll see if I can load up my org thanks Dan
Any interest in these:

Matt Holliday Cardinals
2011 Gypsy Queen Mini Relic #FMRCMH $12
2012 Topps Museum Collection Primary Pieces Quad Relics #PPQRMH, serial #32/75 $25 (four pieces of jersey and one of the pieces has a nice 2 color piece of patch)

Matt Holliday Rockies
2009 Upper Deck X Jersey #UDXJMH $8

I mostly collect RCs, Cert Autos, and Game Used of HOFers, stars, and prospects. Also certain Tampa Bay Rays like Kevin Kiermaier, Blake Snell, Willy Adames.

Pm sent.
Mberger thanks for the offer I do have those already
C_F who are you looking for right now let me know and I'll see what I have that I can trade you for I seen a few I could use in your org
I have 35 Matt Holliday's, check my organize.
Frosty thanks I will take a look what are you looking for in return on a trade
I have a 1/1 in org let me know what you are willing to trade for it.
Looking for any Yankees that I don't have.
Dunno that I have anything you need but he's the guy I pull out of everything so feel free to check
Fiend thanks for letting me look in your org but right now I don't need any
Frosty PM sent
Tate thank you as well I don't need any of those either but thanks for letting me look
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