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(10-11-2016 08:44 AM)soccerscrub Wrote: [ -> ]Makes you just wanna throw the screen!

Haha...not *that* bad, but frustrating for sure.

(10-13-2016 01:32 AM)jaderock Wrote: [ -> ]It'll get a great deal on the next one...stay diligent!

Thanks, man- slowing down anyway, shift in priorities, but would've been a nice addition.

(10-16-2016 08:46 PM)djohn Wrote: [ -> ]I know that feeling all too well. One eBay thing I find even more frustrating is when a super rare card comes up at auction and I bid, then a few days later the seller ends the auction and says the card is no longer available or some other excuse. It's happened a few times recently on 1/1s and that's beyond frustrating.

LITERALLY just happened... seller tried to play dumb, I messaged asking why it was ended. Got a reply "which listing"... guy only had two listings and one was still up.

(10-22-2016 01:53 PM)gadsden86 Wrote: [ -> ]I feel ya man. Happens to me when i look for wake stuff.

It's a bummer, but that's how it goes... makes the chase that much more fun, I guess?
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