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I just updated my tradeables in my org to include my PC of Corey Seager cards. Looking for Kris Bryant RC's/rookie year auto's and possibly select Kyle Schwarber RC's/rookie autos (especially 2016 Topps Chrome color autos and 2016 Finest rookie autos, or dual autos with Kris Bryant. If interested, check out my org and lmk. Here are just a couple of what I have available for trade:

[Image: 2016%20Bowman%20Inceptions%20Autograph%2...Seager.jpg]

[Image: Finest%20Orange%20Ref%20SP%20RC%20d%2024...Seager.jpg]

I have this if you're interested.
I'm Looking for Red Sox players.

PM me if you want to discuss a trade.
PM sent! Thank you for your reply and looking forward to our negotiation! -Alan
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