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Full Version: Lets Trade!!
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Hey all. Been a while. Got some new cards in from weeks of trading. Some harder than others. Main want, Dansby and Bregman. Also Trout and Harper. Here is a sample. Thanks.
[Image: CD707533-A118-4479-9947-1A8A1DB56111_zps6sf3t6bq.jpg]
What kind of value you looking for on the Premium Print Trout? I'm looking to trade my 2012 Triple Threads Trout toward a different auto.
Looking for about 500 in trade. Thanks
interested in the Pujols and trout rookies, feel free to check my org
Open offer sent
As a friend, the best advice I can give is that you send that Torut auto to Puerto Rico. The weather will keep the auto intact for many years. I hope that you take my advice for the best of,the card. LOL. You know my address. Be sure to insure the mail. Just in case.
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