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Starting yesterday, something weird started happening. First off, the Beckett home page looks different. Seems like a lot more white background. Then when I type something in the search I get a tall header with a small red "x" in the upper right corner. If I hit that it shrinks just enough to be able to see the bottom of the red tab for adding cards to your organizer. There is just enough to click on to add cards, but I can only add what I can see initially on the screen. As soon as a scroll down, the big blue header turns white and you lose that small sliver of the add to organizer tab.

Just wondering if anyone else is having this issue.
It's The Beckett Way.
I've noticed some funkiness when searching as well. Probably an unclosed div tag or css stylesheet that makes the main site and forum look nice but doesn't work quite right with the search page.
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