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Just a bunch of random Phins as usual!

Jordan Bowman Chrome 4/5
[Image: 716B8866-1582-439A-AC12-44AF8B0EA52C_zps7tvtgjtc.jpg]

Thomas Score 10/10
[Image: CC35C320-4441-4034-8106-256F7EA378E5_zpsrn6eijo5.jpg]

Thomas /5 Supreme Logo
[Image: 6CE76F39-D6A1-4138-B8FD-F03EDECBEABF_zpsgksxanay.jpg]

Ajayi Treasures /99
[Image: 339C7EED-F291-41EB-9108-B3D25BD9FB0C_zps2cvw0no6.jpg]

Ajayi Grid Iron Kings
[Image: C28895E1-53FE-4F35-B11A-38FA11047916_zpsy6nmsy5m.jpg]

Ajayi TTT /70 Purple
[Image: E1FF60C7-042A-475E-B1A6-54FF1891055E_zpsdscpei9j.jpg]

Ajayi Treasures /99
[Image: 92DFAFA0-8795-4F69-AA77-111EE9181FDF_zpsem1zagaw.jpg]

Parker /50
[Image: 36B7EC55-1EC3-441C-8B0A-A2B3173975D5_zpskrkggei0.jpg]

Parker clear vision /25 (love this card)
[Image: C12A4C81-C13F-4036-9EE7-4B8EBF3FEE7A_zpsq88mauha.jpg]

Landry Chrome Green
[Image: E873FB76-D9AC-464F-B543-E52DB648C7B5_zps0eyikhrw.jpg]

Landry Playbook /5 Green
[Image: 5FF0A45F-54F5-4285-973F-9AE30987E3F5_zpsk7exbe6y.jpg]

And Some 1/1's ( a couple of these might have been posted in my 1/1 thread)

Gates Supreme Plate
[Image: A507C2E0-9235-4DC7-AC54-C80FEB293615_zpsfkh4hh1m.jpg]

Thomas Treasures Plate
[Image: 30DF3932-A57B-44AB-93CA-64B31BCC147E_zpseo4evpfb.jpg]

Griese Leaf Plate
[Image: 4AD18F32-7317-4170-BC16-CF25496EA037_zpss4u56twm.jpg]

Tannehill Totally Certified Black
[Image: 23AAB766-D97E-478A-AD94-90C5BBE9990E_zpskv6tqhyq.jpg]

Landry Crown Rainbow.... got all these in one shot .... only missing a couple to finish it!

[Image: 0E0E4F77-0B66-42B6-920C-967832AD018F_zpsdflysi1k.jpg]

Landry Crown 1/1 black
[Image: 2A2E5779-A7F5-4AB3-A4DE-E42A2E6B7F72_zpsdgerprx7.jpg]

Landry Sterling Plate
[Image: 339A6877-9965-45BA-9CFE-F4D823D2B0A1_zpsabwkbzrl.jpg]

Tony Lippett Crown 1/1

[Image: 3F73EB9E-F109-4D22-99DE-D8BD459253FE_zpsrna0atxs.jpg]

Ajayi TTT White Whale 1/1
[Image: B07B4A2E-3A85-43EB-B75D-ACDA0EAFB027_zpsxjem0uau.jpg]

Thanks for looking!
Nice month! Think that first Dion looks better with a silver flip than it would with gold. The NT Ajayi /99, what's on the right... glove? Interesting patch.
Great month. Thanks for sharing.
nice stuff as always!
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