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Full Version: Card Identifiers
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Is it me or are the card manufacturers getting lazy?

they used to mark the color, refractor, xfractor.... etc

I am female and i know the hobby is predominately male... know what else is predominately male? Color Blindness... Feel sorry for the wives, girlfriend significant others who have to stop what they are doing every 5 minutes to tell them what color it is..... really think they should think about other reasons and/or disabilities that would benefit from thorough identifiers on the card.

Always annoyed me when Topps removed the "refractor" tag from the back of Finest and Chrome cards after I want to say 2010-11. Seems like a tiny bit of cost savings which wasn't worth the decreased customer experience.
did they ever mark the color of the card?
its like this years prime signatures.. theres variations and what not but not marked.. how am I supposed to know if I have the intergalactic space molecules super rare card of so and so? (that's made up by the way, but prime signatures does have a "galactic" card) lol

topps high tek bothers me as well as or the "retail and hobby" cards, when 99% of the time the card looks exactly the same
Yea it can be really hard to differentiate some cards. I prefered when topps chrome atleast labeled the refractors as refractors even they didnt specify which kind of refractor. And with all the variations it gets really confusing. As far as retail vs hobby. It can be tough if you arent familiar with the products. But the usual suspects for the differnces are card stock. retail is thinner stock or the surface as hobby would be shinier or holographic or foil like hobby has it retail doesnt. Those are the usual differences between hobby and retail. Although topps prime retail does use a different photo then the hobby version and is also the thinner stock then the hobby. Most do use the same photo and just different thickness stock
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