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Thurman Tomas 2 graded 8.5 and 1 9 and one 9.5 according to Beckett
6 game used -- Only one ever graded which is this one
Tim Brown -- this is the only one ever graded
Walter Payton -- 2 graded a 9, 2 graded 9.5 non higher and a total of 12 graded
Tom Brady Rc --717 graded 9, 1154 9.5 and 94 10s total graded 2323

and my PC 32 9.5s and 6 10s total graded 46(not for sale)
[Image: graded%201_zpsovqcuz5z.jpg]

[Image: graded%203_zpsz0g0xsqi.jpg]

and the back of the card
[Image: graded%202_zpsid1kegll.jpg]
Very well done! Those are amazing.
Again, I like that Generations Six.
Congrats on the grades!
(07-28-2016 05:34 AM)soccerscrub Wrote: [ -> ]Very well done! Those are amazing.

Thank you
(07-28-2016 09:28 AM)jonathani Wrote: [ -> ]Again, I like that Generations Six.

Thank you again
(07-28-2016 11:35 AM)savagenate Wrote: [ -> ]Congrats on the grades!

Thank you
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