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The final Plate showed up on ebay and I worked out a deal with the seller .... turns out he had it for over a year and just forgot about it ..... makes ya wonder how many PC cards are just sitting in collections and forgotten about

Here it is!

[Image: 30DF3932-A57B-44AB-93CA-64B31BCC147E_zpseo4evpfb.jpg]

And the Rainbow...

All 4 plates, all 3 1/1's ..... got 3x of the /5's, 7x of the /10's, a bunch of the /25's and only 1 /49

[Image: A7F8BE76-2452-4C4A-9516-B234A211149E_zpspqc7kwed.jpg]

Thanks for looking!
Freaking Beautiful!!!! WELL DONE!
Awesome, congrats on the completion!
Sweet looking cards! Well done.
suhweet! congrats
Amazing rainbow!! Congrats
That's awesome!
Great rainbow! I'm missing 2 plates for the Steven Jackson rainbow in the same set!
That is sharp! Congratulations.
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