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I don't have a lot to trade but I am willing to buy also..
All of these are from bowman chrome and are autos!
2001 Troy Farnsworth
2001 Esix Snead
2001 Albert Pujols
2002 So taguchi base that's graded
2005 Wes Swackhamer refractor or base that's graded
2005 Colby Rasmus refractor
2006 Josh Kinney base and a graded refractor
2006 Brad Furnish base and graded refractor
2008 Mitch Boggs base and a graded refractor
2009 Lance Lynn refractor
2010 Shelby Miller refractor
2010 Zack Cox base and refractor
2011 Adron Chambers base and a graded refractor
2012 Carlos Martinez refractor that is graded
2014 Jake Flaherty refractor
2014 Oscar Taveras base and refractor
2014 Ronnie Williams base and a 9.5 refractor
2015 Alex Reyes base and refractor
2015 Jake woodford base and refractor
2015 Nick Plummer refractor
2016 Paul Dejong base
2016 Stephen Piscotty base and refractor
If u have any players that r not this list please ask if I need them especially if u have ones that are graded. I am also always looking to upgrade, to different refractor versions or graded ones..
All of these can be graded, I prefer 9 mint or 9.5.
I have a Luke Weaver refractor bowman draft auto
(07-23-2016 12:19 AM)natejeffries Wrote: [ -> ]I have a Luke Weaver refractor bowman draft auto

Thanks for the reply, but I already have that in a bgs 9.5
I have a 2016 BC refractor auto /499 of piscotty as well as his 2016 bc orange refractor auto #/25
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