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I haven't been active lately since I'm slowing down collecting modern cards and this will be the first time I will not build a set this year. So without further a due, if anyone want to do some simple low end trading for fun and giggles, give me a holla. Can be as big or small as you want but I don't have any big ticket items. Would love to complete some of my outstanding sets but I'm just looking for whatever tickles my fancy. I will tell you I will trade for my set wants first, then anything older than 1980 and then anything else. Its for the good times so let the good times roll.

- Rob
Offer sent, thanks.
I'll be starting a 1976 topps set soon, you have any around?
Ok great thanks. Elberson I have a couple of 76's I can make available for you. : 370, 216, 154,
Dog days of summer bump. Still looking to complete a few sets in my sig or just some low end trading for fun.
I have a lot of 2015 Topps Chrome still listed in my org. Hit me up if you see anything you need! -Alan
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