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Well its coming along figured I would post where I am at.

Gameday (43 card set) rookies

Season Tickets (100 card set) veterans

1, 3-6, 8-20, 23,24,31,32,38,39,47,49,51,

still need quite few of this one, assuming I have some laying around
that I may have put into base binders prior to deciding to collect the set

Contenders rookie card auto have list(need more than I have so easier to post what I have on this guy)

161- Storm Barrs-Woods (cracked ice 20/23)
192- Trevone Boykin (blue foil)

194- Tra Carson x2-dupe is ft
204- Jonathan Bullard
216- Dominique Alexander
217- Adam Gotsis
220- Kentrall Brothers
223- Jalin Marshall x2- dupe is ft
226- Victor Ochi
235- Germain Ifedi
237- Anthony Zettel
263- Jordan Lomax
279- Terrance Smith
293- Austin Johnson (blue foil)
297- De'vondre Campbell
298 Jason Fanaika

School Colors 24 card set (rookies)

Old School Colors 25 card set

Class Reunion 25 card set


Passing Grades 20 card set

1, 6,8-14, 16-18,

Rush Week 18 card set


So far to this point this has all been hand collated via busting retail
blasters...enjoying myself so far sticking to retail at the moment for this project.....I still need to put together a list of all my doubles so I can swap them for other set needs with others
Picked up another blaster tonight
CRACKED ICE AUTO......storm barrs-woods....who?....exactly lol...but cracked ice is cracked ice I auto doubles me up on Tra Carson so now I have 1 of this FT
didn't check the set needs with the other cards yet though
Nice! Glad you are still hitting things with those blasters!
too bad you weren't doing 2015 draft picks.. ive got about 150 im trying to move lol
I used to collect contenders anything(you could tell if you ever looked at my org) and I decided its not worth it.. not contenders anyway. The sps and variations and greedy people in the hobby who wanna make 100% profit.. no thanks! I did however complete 2006.. and need 3 for 2004,1 for 2009(minus the college tickets autos where I need 11),5 for 2010 and 1 for 2011(and maybe 7 SPS) im still chasing. someday!!

good luck on your quest.
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