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I was surprised to see Steel City Collectibles selling pre-orders for some new Panini products supposedly releasing in August 2016. These look like more of the same individual college sets released last year for Michigan, Texas, Miami, etc. Some of the new colleges I saw were Pitt, Washington, Georgia Tech, Michigan State.

If true, I would love to pick up a few boxes or possibly a case of the Michigan State for my PC. I found it strange that the only info on the new sets are the Steel City pre-orders. Panini doesn't seem to have anything on their website about these.

I also had a hard time finding any information on the sets released last year. The only review I found was a scathing 1 star review of the Michigan product. I haven't even seen much in the secondary market for these cards either.

Is anyone excited for or have info on these new 2016 sets? Does anyone have comments on the previous releases?
I bought a couple of boxes of the product (University of Florida) last year. I really wish they had issued the product in a factory set form with inserts instead of using packs. I would say that none of the boxes I opened were worth the $20 price, also since I bought the boxes I have seen them deeply discounted. So if I were to buy again I would probably just wait for them to go on sale.
And the students get how much of a cut?
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