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Awhile back, I was wiring someone's house, and I stumbled across some boxes of miscellaneous football cards in the basement. I didn't start going through thing's, I have more respect for people's stuff than most contractor's. I struck up a conversation with the home owner, and he said all the sports card's belonged to his brother,who passed away about 10 year's ago. He told me he will be having a yard sale, and he would call me to come by and take what I wanted.

Well, he called me Saturday morning, so I went over to see what he had. I looked a little bit through the card's, and asked what he wanted for the lot. He was trying to just give them to me, but I couldn't just take them, so he said $25 for all of it. I get home, and it was mostly 89-90's era sets. 1989 Pro Set set, 1991 Bowman, 1988 Topps, 1991 UD, 1991 Pacific, etc.. I did pull out a Barry and Aikman RC from the Pro Set, the Favres from the Pacific and UD, And the Bo from 88 Topps.
The Jackson is in awesome shape, the rest are decent, maybe 8 or 8.5's.

I get to the last binder, and it's all vintage, with an almost complete set of 73 Topps. Now, some of these cards are beat, but some are in some very nice shape, and the binder hasn't been touched in 10 years.

Here are some pic's pf the decent cards:
Franco Harris RC, OC a little, but the corners are sharp, one beat up Stabler,
One Stabler, on par with the Harris for shape, and an awesome Bo Jackson RC
[Image: IMG_20160613_183245222.jpg]

Roger Staubach again, OC and a small print mark, Art Shell RC, way OC (Actually I have 2, in the same shape) Dan Dierdorf RC, again, OC and a 97 UD Dated Foil Thurman Thomas.
[Image: IMG_20160613_183358000.jpg]

Fran Tarkenton way OC, 1970 Glossy Insert Johnny U (Creased on back) and the Favre RC.[Image: IMG_20160613_183415860.jpg]

And a 95 Ultra Gold Medallion Marino.
[Image: IMG_20160613_183437206.jpg]

I also picked up a 49ers, Dolphins, Cowboys, Patriots, and Chief's 1997 All-Star MVP Mini Figure sets.

I told the seller, I will more than likely keep it all for PC, but, if I do sell ANYTHING, I will call him, and I will split the money with him to be donated in his brothers name, for which ever disease he passed from.

Thanks for looking guy's, enjoy the summer!!
Wow, congrats on the find and being a class act about it!
whoa, those are some nice pickups! Well done!
Nice vintage. By the way that Thurman Thomas Game Dated is not the FOIL version, as it's confusing but the foil versions have foil across the entire background on the front of the card to differentiate them from all other base cards. The confusion stems from how Beckett listed these cards separately with the title GAME DATED FOIL so most people just think that if the words "Game Dated" are in foil then they have high priced parallel. In fact the confusion is so bad that even BGS and PSA have mislabeled cards as FOIL when they were just the basic version. Here is a picture of a real FOIL version.
[Image: s-l1600.jpg]

and here is the basic version for comparison
[Image: Kerry-Collins.jpg?id=4c4cee08-6874-417f-...e=original]
I figured it was time for me to update the post, as yesterday I was back working at the same house, and the owner came across another tote of cards. It looked like mostly junk wax era sets, 1990 & 91 Score football, 1991 UD Baseball etc...
At the bottom of the tote, I came across some older football, mainly 1985 and 1981 Topps. The 85's where pretty hammered, but a few of the key cards aren't a total loss. That brings me to the 81 cards. I went through almost the whole stack, and in the very last few was this:
[Image: IMG_20161113_244803298.jpg]

Not in the best shape, but I wont be complaining!!

I also came across these 2, and I can't seem to find them anywhere, any help on them would be appreciated:

[Image: IMG_20161113_244702107.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20161113_244719587.jpg]

There was also a factory 1990 Score baseball set, but when I opened it, it was about half full of 1971 Topps baseball, no major stars, but a ton better than 1990 Score, but there was a 1962 Gaylord Perry RC in it.

I still have everything from the first pickup, the only card I ended up grading was one of the Franco Harris RC, and it came back a PSA 7.
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