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Title says it all

[Image: FB_IMG_1464362343701_zpsoejwxlta.jpg]

[Image: FB_IMG_1464362300192_zpstfm1yoze.jpg]

[Image: FB_IMG_1464362231520_zpsbszejhxi.jpg]

[Image: FB_IMG_1464362191152_zpshxumftj8.jpg]

[Image: FB_IMG_1464362184951_zpshlhnxzmd.jpg]

[Image: 20160526_160132_zpsrrgftqci.jpg]

[Image: 20160526_160011_zpspezyzros.jpg]

[Image: FB_IMG_1464265396307_zpsibx5dnoe.jpg]

[Image: FB_IMG_1464265385194_zpsrcqeirhl.jpg]

[Image: FB_IMG_1464265380090_zpsurd9mg2u.jpg]

[Image: FB_IMG_1464175552910_zpsaphc7ew6.jpg]

[Image: 20160518_163416_zpscqqgsm1i.jpg]

[Image: received_271161783227276_zpsqgu1qzhu.jpeg]

[Image: 20160402_190905_zpsz3zqojkq.jpg]

[Image: 20160225_172703_zpsvzymi3b4.jpg]

[Image: received_189376928072429_zpswgmsaezs.jpeg]
Nice stuff brother. Wish I had the ammo for the Machado or KB
Real nice stuff Rich
Really nice cards
I'll take the Piscotty.....
(05-28-2016 08:39 PM)cmherren2 Wrote: [ -> ]I'll take the Piscotty.....

You don't even like Piscotty
(05-28-2016 08:59 PM)Hofcollector Wrote: [ -> ]You don't even like Piscotty

Ha...You're right. Just kidding Rich. I'll pass.
(05-28-2016 09:01 PM)cmherren2 Wrote: [ -> ]Ha...You're right. Just kidding Rich. I'll pass.

Was that one yours?
Yep.....I miss it. LOL
Sweet cards rich....
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