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Hey everyone,

Bought a Upper Deck Series 1 Hobby Box and came up with this card.
[Image: 13015657_10153461474125868_2334493587857...e=5772F7C9]

I showed it to the card store I bought the box from and they offered me a few grand. Should I take it? Get it graded?

If they offered you a few grand then I would take it considering the ones sold on eBay sell on average for about $1800-$2000 with some as low as $1500 and one as high as $2500.
Take the money and run!
If you ever want to sell it, sell it now. If you were to keep it, you could get it graded.

My two cents.

By the way, congrats on this huge hit.

Update: Traded it for $2.25k cash and a Jameis Winston Topps Super Rookie Auto 1987 7/25. Sorry hockey fans.

My goal is to get a rookie card of whoever the Canucks draft in the upcoming one. Hopefully they stay in top 5.
Nice work!
Masssive hit
Great pull and awesome deal.
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