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I wasn't going to bother chasing McDavid/Eichel but gave in recently. My better half was on Dave and Adams looking at Dr Who cards (will post her hits under the 'Non-Sports' section) and asked me if i'd like anything for my birthday. I opted for a box of retail of each series 1 and series 2. . .here are the hits.

Some, if not all, canvas will be up or trade.

Series 1
[Image: Series%201%202_zps4fm8jae4.jpg]
[Image: Series%201%201_zpsrslvddm5.jpg]

Series 2
[Image: Series%202%202_zps9ud6lxpk.jpg]
[Image: Series%202%201_zpsssfpahq7.jpg]

Oh, and these two mugs. In retail? Just how many of these cards have they produced?!!!

[Image: Rookies_zpsfugnehje.jpg]
Nice luck getting both. The two Parayko hits were good too. He may be a defenseman, but he has had one hell of a rookie year.
^I concur
Super boxes. You got your money's worth and more!


Sweet top youngguns
Not sure why you wouldn't think they'd be in retail. UD has never held back the YGs from retail.
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