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Ok guys,

I figured I would run this stuff by the group before putting it up for sale. This is a collection of game used Dodgers cards from my PC that I am looking to get rid of. Many are serial numbered, some as low as /30. I've shifted almost completely to vintage stuff and am looking for hall of fame and star cards from the 60's and 70's. I don't mind trading any or all of these but most collectors don't trade vintage for game used. If any of you have some interest and are willing to part with vintage stuff let me know. These aren't loaded into my org yet, just wanted to get a feel for who's interested. I'll probably put them up for sale this weekend. Thanks.
Dodger Game Used 1 photo Dodger Game Used 1.jpg
Dodger Game Used 2 photo Dodger Game Used 2.jpg
Dodger Game Used 3 photo Dodger Game Used 3.jpg
Dodger Game Used 4 photo Dodger Game Used 4.jpg
one bump before the weekend.
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