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Full Version: A couple packs of SPx
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Hi all! Opened a pair of SPx packs just to get a look at it, and ended up with a pair of Avs hits...

[Image: ED04DD07-6F46-49DA-ACF2-4C66C108FFC3_zps65vhy6ob.jpg]

[Image: 3D88D7F7-BF7E-459C-9407-797DC3853290_zpslip45bv5.jpg]

Both are available, and for trade for similar Bruins stuff.
Thanks for looking!
Cool Rantanen!
Very nice! Your two packs are almost as good as the entire box I opened. Sheesh! Congrats, Chris!

Nice hits considering you only opened 2 packs!


Yeah, luck was with me on this one, but I honestly don't think I'll be touching any more of the stuff other than to pick up the occasional Bruins PC single. Far too many ice cold breaks full of weak inserts, bland jersey pieces and redemptions, not worth the risk.
Not bad
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