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Graded or ungraded! Please let me know what you have with scans and a price. Paypal ready! Thx Roger
i have these 2
the nick gordon is a refractor and beckett raw card graded 9 auto is a 10 asking $25
jorge soler '12 bow chrome auto bv$100 asking $50
plmk what you think
[Image: soler%20bc%20rc%20au_zps7efejkvm.jpg]
[Image: nick%20gordon%20bc%20au_zpsnmeouysk.jpg]
I am going to pass on those for now Camco2.
I have low end, I have high end. What are you after?
depends on price but average maybe $50-$200 per card
(03-27-2016 11:32 PM)dogboy34 Wrote: [ -> ]depends on price but average maybe $50-$200 per card

hey i just sent you a pm ifor a small lot
PM sent.
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