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Hey there Beckett Community, I have not posted in a loooooong time, but I thought I must for this. This last weeken I was visiting my sister and her family. There was a card store in town and my brother-in-law asked me if I would like to go check it out. Sure, why not, haven't really been collecting. So we get there and I spot an open box of 13-14 Titanium. I'm thinking that may be nice to try. Manager tells me he has a unopened box for $45. Could not pass it up. Not much good cards until I pulled this little gem.

[Image: 20160323_175128_zpsds8stqkv.jpg]

True RC 02/29

When I found out the value, let me say I was very happy in my small $ investment.

Card has already been sold to a very good home. Still toying with the idea of coming back and trading again, just still not fully invested yet.

Thanks for the look and comments are welcomed and appreciated.

nice hit
Sick Mack congratz
Nice to hear from you Walt!
Well I just looked up the BV of that card......DANG!!!!!! Holy huge hit. I would say you got your money out of that box. NICE HIT!!!
Your jaw must've hit the floor on that one. What a hit, congrats!!!
Great RC hit.

That is simply amazing, Walt! Congrats on the massive hit, and I would love to see you back in action. More familiar faces are coming out, and yours is more than welcomed!

Dang, that's sweet!
very nice
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