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Picked these cards up over the past few weeks and had to share.
I think I am going to keep using this thread to update new adds as they come.
Hope yall enjoy!
 photo 2003 Limited Carson Palmer 1.jpg
 photo 2006 Contenders Marques Colston 1.jpg
 photo 2014 Certified Khalil Mack 1.jpg
 photo 2014 Contenders Jadeveon Clowney 1.jpg
2007 Contenders Eric Weddle (1) photo 2007 Contenders Eric Weddle 1.jpg
2007 Contenders Joe Thomas (1) photo 2007 Contenders Joe Thomas 1.jpg
2007 Contenders Lawrence Timmons (1) photo 2007 Contenders Lawrence Timmons 1.jpg
2008 Contenders Jerod Mayo (1) photo 2008 Contenders Jerod Mayo 1.jpg
2008 Contenders Mike Tolbert (1) photo 2008 Contenders Mike Tolbert 1.jpg
2010 Contenders Eric Berry (1) photo 2010 Contenders Eric Berry 1.jpg
2012 Contenders Josh Norman (1) photo 2012 Contenders Josh Norman 1.jpg
2013 Contenders Sharrif Floyd (1) photo 2013 Sharrif Floyd 1.jpg
2013 Totally Certified Tyrann Mathieu (1) photo 2013 Totally Certified Tyrann Mathieu 1.jpg
 photo 2014 Contenders Aaron Donald 1.jpg
2014 Contenders Mike Evans (1) photo 2014 Contenders Mike Evans 1.jpg
2015 Contenders Vic Beasley (1) photo 2015 Contenders Vic Beasley 1.jpg
3/24/16 Mail day!
Super excited about the Trufant and Darby rookie autos.
 photo scan0001.jpg
 photo scan0002.jpg
 photo scan0003.jpg
 photo scan0004.jpg
 photo scan0005.jpg
 photo scan0006.jpg
Nice stuff. I picked up a perfect Colston myself recently
Nice adds! See any interesting/noteworthy things from the Chicago show over the weekend?
(03-24-2016 09:54 PM)jplarson Wrote: [ -> ]Nice adds! See any interesting/noteworthy things from the Chicago show over the weekend?
I wish I could go to Chicago for a weekend. I am in Pensacola. A wife, three kids, and a job make that really difficult haha
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