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Hello all,

Let me know if you have anything available, and if I have anything you need in return. Would really love to snag a 2013 Bowman Chrome/Refractor auto if possible, but will look at all offers. Thank you all!

I just pulled this recently. Really want an auto from Williamson. Below are a few of the cool cards I have available for trade.

[Image: babd96ad-db2a-418b-b3d2-fd83273a97e6_zpsexxsnmwu.jpg]

[Image: Teix_zpskvkyokzw.jpg]

[Image: JD%20Martinez_zpskqgsgvrs.jpg]
I do have the 2013 bowman chrome blue auto refractor.
I'd love a shot at it Francisco!!
Yeah, id be interested in the Pink CJ Wilson TT As well
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