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Have not been busting many boxes lately, and has been even longer since i poste a break here. Picked up 4 boxes today. Here are the Hits.

[Image: 15-16%20trilogy1_zpsywhoaqto.jpg]

[Image: 15-16%20trilogy2_zpsjy1b9bdm.jpg]

Pretty Pricey for a bunch of "nobody" RC.

But, There was this...

[Image: 15-16%20trilogy3_zps68wg2t3k.jpg]

Saved the boxes, and i am so happy to have This card in my PC. Not sure what ill do with the rest of the trilogy.Might do the base/rc set or anyone is interested in anything i can add it to org.

[Image: 15-16%20ud1_zpsx6bpktqg.jpg]

[Image: 15-16%20ud2_zpsgtfqibaz.jpg]

[Image: 15-16%20ud3_zpsy0d22qg4.jpg]
The Larkin is the only YG i scanned as it is the only duplicate ive pulled (not bad for 3 boxes and a tin) Still no mcdavid YG though

[Image: 15-16%20ud4_zpsk357nxqn.jpg]

All of these will be marked FOR TRADE in my org later tonight i hope. (will post here when added)

Oh wait... one more pull

[Image: 15-16%20ud5_zpsoczwyzns.jpg]

Thanks for the look. Mcdavids are PC as well as the Hall redemption.

Noone to write home about in the other 11 YG, but like i said. only one duplicate so far.
series 1 all added to org for trade
Wow some really nice McDavid Pulls!!! Congrats!!
Very nice hits for sure. Not often when you hit some monster PC Cards like that. Congrats
It reminded me why i break boxes. so exciting to pull those.
Great McDavid pulls! Congrats. I would be a taker on the Mack Trilogy JSY if we can strike another deal. Already have the Rantanen.
Congrats on your two big Mc Hits.

Need the Jagr and Quick for my set.
I think your best hits were the Fabbri rcs, but that's just me
(03-16-2016 12:46 AM)jbmmadman2795680 Wrote: [ -> ]I think your best hits were the Fabbri rcs, but that's just me

There was an Hall auto but there was also a Mcdavid auto and draft card which both goes for alot.
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