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Full Version: 4 boxes SP Authentic
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Just got through another 4 boxes of 2014-15 SP Authentic - I'm very fickle and have decided that this is the set for me. All these are going straight into a new collection, and nothing is for trade right now, but thought I'd show off my luck before stashing them away.

Only showing the autos, and I beat the odds (stated 3 autos per box) on 2 of the 4 boxes.

Box 1
[Image: 2014-15%20SPA%20box001_zpsfgyamozx.jpg]
2014-15 SP Authentic #270 Patrik Nemeth AU RC
2014-15 SP Authentic #316 Teemu Pulkkinen AU RC
2013-14 SP Authentic Limited #306 Michael Latta JSY AU/100
(nothing great, but nice to get an RPA in the first box, even if it is a carry-over from last year)

Box 2
[Image: 2014-15%20SPA%20box002_zpspsnxi0gn.jpg]
2014-15 SP Authentic #290 Dennis Everberg AU RC
2013-14 SP Authentic Limited #119 Bryan Bickell AU
2014-15 SP Authentic Sign of the Times #SOTTBR Richard Brodeur C
2014-15 SP Authentic Limited #40 Teemu Selanne JSY AU/10
(an extra auto, and what a beauty - one of the nicest sigs out there, and a decent patch)

Box 3
[Image: 2014-15%20SPA%20box003_zpsk8uylnuc.jpg]
2014-15 SP Authentic #269 Phillip Danault AU RC
2014-15 SP Authentic #312 Andre Burakovsky AU RC
2014-15 SP Authentic Immortal Inks #IICC Chris Chelios /10
(can't go wrong with a HOFer auto/10!)

Box 4
[Image: 2014-15%20SPA%20box004_zpsu0fmleox.jpg]
2014-15 SP Authentic #271 Colton Sissons AU RC
2014-15 SP Authentic #309 Aaron Ekblad AU RC
2013-14 SP Authentic Sign of the Times #SOTRM Ryan Murphy
2014-15 SP Authentic Sign of the Times #SOTTDD Devan Dubnyk
(another extra auto, and a FWA of the #1 pick & Calder winner)

Now looking to complete the FW/FWA set, plus any SOTT from this set, so if you have any to trade, please get in touch.

Thanks for looking!
If you are looking to move the Selanne let me know
Nice boxes if you ever decide to ditch the Ekblad I need it.
Nice boxes.


Thanks for the show, I collect the set also. Really like the FWA rookies, and the quality of the cards and hard-signed autos appeals to me. Not my favourite design, but also not bad. Hope it grows on me.

Perhaps we can exchange doubles later on?
VERY NICE HIT ON THE CHELIOS!!!!! Awesome Selanne as well
Interested in the Latta and the Burakovsky, but I couldn't find them in your organize. Let me know if we can work out something.
That Selanne is a beauty! Great breaks! Congrats.
Sick patches
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